Warframe - Zephyr 5800Z Serial 970A Picture

Why not an unmasked Tenno, like everyone and their dog? Zephyr gets next to no love, but she's aweeeesome.

I tried a little spin on the unmasked idea. I figure they're all warped a bit by the void, and Rhino Prime's codex got me thinkin'...maybe they've all adopted animalistic/elemental traits befitting their frames? Rhino with rhino hide, Volt with slimy skin like an electric eel, Nova with an almost incorporeal form, Saryn's got caustic viper scales, Banshee with bat features, Hydroid's got tentacles (naturally), Ash has grey, ashen skin, Ember's like the human torch under there, etc....I know it's weird! Shush.

Zephyr here would be a bird entity, perhaps a harpy-like figure (look at her legs, they look almost digitigrade) for the mythological angle, so I threw some poorly drawn plumage on her and tried to make the hair a bit crest-like.
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