No Sympathies: Abalam Picture

"If you call this spirit, Paimon, alone, you must make some offering to him, and there will attend him 2 kings called Bebal and Abalam, and other spirits."

~ The Lesser Key of Solomon

~ ~ ~

It's that time again! "That time" being the time where I draw a bunch of demons.

Abalam is a somewhat enigmatic demon, mentioned by name as being an attendant of Paimon and little else. I haven't found any references to this demon anywhere else other than that short mention. Still, Paimon is a pretty important figure in my developing demon mythology, and her attendants deserve at least some spotlight.

Soooooooooooo this is a bit of stretch. I envision Abalam as being Paimon's squire. She carries Paimon's flag, assists her master in battle, and is basically the Patsy to Paimon's King Arthur. But, y'know, in hell.
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