Pai from 3 x 3 Eyes Picture

Another old love of mine, a series titled 3 x 3 eyes or Sazan Eyes as it's pronounced in Japanese. This series definetly takes me back as a great love from 1997 or 1996 even. It was a long while, but I remember being very moved by this series.... Though the manga was very long running, there were only 2 brief anime series. The first which came out in the early 90s (which in all honesty I did not care for) and the second in 1995 which I absolutely adored. It is a rather goury anime to be honest. But the emotions were very powerful that I found myself liking this series for quiet a while. The series was created by Yuzo Takada, also the creator of Blue Seed and Cat Girl Nuku, just to name a few.

As for the painting itself, I depicted the character Pai in her "sanjian unkara" form. The character Pai proved interesting because she actually had two personalities. The first "Pai" was a very innocent and girlish figure. Though when her third eye appeared, her other personality "Parvati the 4th" was awakened and she proved to be quite formidable and powerful. Now that I think about it, this also is a bit similar to Yugioh in that respect. Revisiting these old works and series allows me to ponder that there are similarities to the anime series that I find myself attracted to. Anyhow it is a very interesting series based on Hindu mythology. ^_^ I hope you enjoy this piece!
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