[Personal] - Timeline of Linkaton Picture

Note I don't remember exact years, but Linkaton came into existence about late 1999, early 2000.

Design 3 was sold to Zaferie!
Designs 4, 5, 6 and 7 were given to MystikMeep!

Designs 1 and 2 are not going to be given away due to their simplicity and nostalgia of his past when he was developing still.

Design 1 - Cat Boy
- Yep it's true, when Linkaton was first created he was a catboy, 5'7" and pretty lean. he wasn't very muscular.
That is until I got into DBZ then that changed.

Design 2 - Hyrulian
- You probably didn't see this one coming, (that's what she said). He was indeed a Hyrulian for a time.
I became heavily obsessed with Legend of Zelda. Not the kind of LOZ fan that is all about every single game. But mainly with Ocarina of Time. *v*

Design 3 - Demon Dragon / Kutsu??
- Oddly enough I then became obsessed with dragons at this time. I also started getting more into fantasy and developed a love for demons and mythology.
This design didn't last long as it had a lot of apparent flaws and just didn't speak for me but it lasted about a year or two.

Design 4 - Kutsu Name Changed to Kiso'Joukai
- During this era this was the one design that stuck with me for a few years from around... late 2009 or 2010.
Kutsu was also had a very different meaning in japanese thus I changed it to something else.
He was the most well known iconic designs to date but due to complications and bad memories I wanted to change him up and start new memories.

Design 5 - Finding Himself
- I was going through a design phase, I couldn't figure out what design fit him, designs 5, 6 and 7 represent this.

Design 6 - Fuzzy and Chubby
- For some unknown reason at this point he became partially fuzzy and a little chubby, Not sure what made me do that but again still trying to find that right design.

Design 7 - Sparkle Kiso
- Yep for a time he became very bright in colors, I'm not quite sure why but this occurred. However the reign of the design did not last long and soon changed again.

Design 8 - Final and Permanent
- This design came to be when I realized the more he evolved over the years, the darker and more ruthless he became.
With him being my main OC / Persona I would develop connections through him. In which when fall outs with friends happened, he would become more negative.
He has been this design for a few years now about since 2011. Surprising how far along he's come truly. Since then he's gone through some minor tweaks and alterations but nothing too extreme like a major overhaul. He's stuck with this design since and I couldn't be happier. :3
This is also the most iconic character to date.

Kiso'Joukai are a CLOSED Species, Please do not make your own!

Linkaton & Artwork © Ryndi Maltby 2001 - 2014
Please do not resell, redistribute, repost, copy, trace,
or use for profit without Expressed Written Permission.
Ask permission first before referencing from ANY of my works!
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