Character Sketches Picture

Lately I've been sketching out more of my characters in order to flesh them out more. These aren't their bios, but I figured it'd be good to give an overview.

1. Aeshma- Aeshma is from my Sin eater concept and is Damian's middle sister. Her name comes from Iranian demonology and means "wrath." Thus I gave her heavy-set arms and drew inspiration from the armor of Ankylosaurus. BTW she doesn't have a second arm so you can see the tail.

2. Ailure- Ailure is from the BlueJay concept and is supposed to be a rival for Hiro. Because the Brotherhood does not allow its operatives to appear publicly unless its for public safety or something, Hiro can't take credit for what she does. Ailure, who's not a part of the Brotherhood, takes advantage of this even though she doesn't do that much to contribute. She's supposed to be a parody of magical girls, and she channels her powers through her staff (I need to think of a cute name for it). I tried to make her design based around glam and glitz instead of functionality to show this.

3. Vesna- Vesna is a character from this concept
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