Pandora Picture

This was the third in a series of four drawings that I did for my last drawing class.
I copied the face and figure of portraits done by Leonardo Da Vinci, but I altered them to make them into mythological figures (all from Greek mythology). Each figure is meant to appear serene and beautiful, as each of these women were before, for whatever reason they brought the wrath of either the Gods or man down upon themselves. I was trying to make a comment on the public and the private personality, meaning how we perceive ourselves to be and how the world sees us and the things we do.
This is Pandora, the source of all human suffering. She was given the task of protecting a closed box (or an urn), but she was not told what it held, only that it should never be opened. Another God cursed her with curiosity. I think everybody knows how the story goes from there.

Sorry about the poor resolution!
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