The Chimerangsters Picture

Oh you know.. Chimera + Gangsters = Chimerangsters. This mythological creature has the head of a goat, lion and eagle. :3
Somehow I added some twists here. xD Unknown history, but they are truly related by blood.
You know Adventure Time logic, doesn't make sense but it's fun. =u=

I've already told in my previous AT submission that I'd make two more characters. So I've decided to make these guys as Beat-rix's brodudes. c:
Beat-rix so far is the youngest. She's a nocturnal ram, unlike her two elder brothers, she's quite active and is a pretty skilled rollerblades skater performing tricks without breaking a sweat(like grinding on horizontal poles-fff I forgot what their called-and such~)
Currently she's staying in the belly of the beast, comes out occasionally if anyone needs a DJ around or even visits her brothers who lives on the Rocky cliffs near Marceline's vampire cave. Has a crush on Party Pat since he's much more of a raver than her. Despite being the youngest, she is the most mature among the siblings. She is also close friends with Princess Velvet Cup and sees her as a sisterly figure.
I think the perfect voice actress for her would be Avril Lavigne. xD

The lion on the middle is Leo-N. His "N" stands for Nakamoto, it means central origin or "the one who lives in the middle" so ironically speaking for the Chimera's part, the lion-head IS in the middle indeed and Leo-N is also a middle child. :3
He's pretty laid back and dyed his mane to dark green. He made the remains of his brown mane into some sort of coat-fur(the one you see on the coat, somehow he managed to glue it there. XD) He prefers to wear something abit "casual", since he fancies those sort of clothing. While Beat-rix is the DJ, Leo-N is the breakdancer of the group.
Voice actor would be Grant George(the one who voiced Warrior of Light from Final Fantasy Dissidia, and even Kilik from Soul Calibur)

The hawk on the right is Hawk Faulkes, his Alias is "King Hawkes". The eldest brother among the siblings. Faulkes is another word for falcon(which he might be a crossbreed of a hawk& falcon). He specializes in rapping incredibly fast. Mostly competes with Finn& Jake for fun, appears to be the strongest also, as he can lift as many heavy objects as he wants.
No matter how he acts like a tough guy on the outside and is short-tempered, he deeply cares for his siblings and would go berserk if either of them are hurt. He's usually a bouncer as well, kicking out strays who doesn't behave inside clubs.
His voice actor is Seth Rogen(The one who voiced Mantis from KFP)

Princess Velvet Cup (c) ~Shear-Rohark
DJ Beat-rix, Leo-N, Hawk Faulkes (c) *SkitzOpheliac
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