Tuatha: RH fairy contest entry Picture

I wasn't going to participate since I have Kazuma but then I read that Rii had planned for it and it sounded pretty cool so I decided to give it a shot.

Name: Tuatha (Tua)

Name meaning: Tuatha comes from an old Irish word meaning "people" Or "nation". Her name comes from Tuatha De Danann which is an old Irish mythological tale. It tells a story about faeries coming to an island.

Sex: Female
Type: Electric/Fairy
Personality: At the start Tua is cold distant glowchu who would do anything to accomplish her set mission. She views anything and anyone that gets in her way as an obstacle that needs to be removed. Tua can be described as a robot. She rarely shows any emotion keeping a constant poker face. In her eyes emotion is useless and keeps one from achieving the objective. She will not speak unless she has something of importance to say and even then it will often be one word sentences. Tua is good in high stress situations since she tends to keep her cool constantly looking for an opportunity to get out of dire situations. She analyzes her opponents when fighting to figure out the best and most efficient strategy. She is unaware as to how her actions are affecting others and only cares for her self and her survival.

As time goes on she begins to lose her icey exterior and becomes shy and somewhat stubborn. This all in part due to the fact that she had no prior experience with social interactions or really anyone to call a friend. She can be seen showing emotion every now and then gradually as time progresses. Although her calculative part still remains the same and she is still able to remain cool under stressful events; she becomes more aware of how she is affecting others around her and in turn tries to make things better. However this often times tends to fail due to her awkwardness dealing with others. She is a very literal chu not being able to tell if anyone is joking or using sarcasm. She doesn't believe in telling white lies and will often tell it like it is.

*btw the jacket is hanging from her collar it is not just floating behind her
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