Vesna Picture

Vesna, a name for the Goddess-like beings associated with the coming of Spring (in fact, "vesna" is still the poetic word for spring in the Slovene language), where she is often accompanied by Vesnik, her male fertility counterpart. According to Wikipedia leastways "In the nineteenth century, Russian peasants celebrated the return of spring on March 1 by going out to the fields, carrying a clay figure of a lark on a pivot which had been decorated with flowers", a custom I have honored by including a little lark amongst her flowers. And some goldfinches because spring is a time of joy after a very, very long winter.

I am absolutely entranced with Slavic and Baltic mythology (talk about a widespread, sweeping mythological generalization...they're all so individual and unique); it seems so foreign and yet so similar. Typically, I will say that a lot of pieces depicting Gods or Spirits from these various mythologies are notoriously least far darker than the Spring Goddess I've felt moved to create here. I do mourn the lack of male stock in this area; there just isn't much. Thoughts for future pieces involve Perun and Veles, but that depends rather a lot on if I can find appropriate models. Morena will likely be next, because she's already given me ideas, and models are easier to find. If anyone has suggestions, point me at them.

This piece was far and away influenced by *Kuoma-stock, who is also the model. She is positively radiant, and I hope she continues to provide such inspiring work.

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