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Nordica In ancient mythology , Loki is the god of fire , fraud and deceit . He is the son of the giant Laufey Farbauti and , with his two brothers and Býleistr Helblindi . In the Eddas is described as the "source of all fraud " and mixed freely with the gods coming to be regarded by Odin and his brother or son to the murder of Baldr . After that the Æsir caught him and bound him to three rocks. Be released from his bonds to fight the gods at Ragnarok.

The trickster character is complex in nature , is a master of deception.
Loki was a dim figure of evil , a sort of crook between the gods. At times with traps, tricks or jokes bothered or put under pressure to the gods and then helped them , as is the case when Sif5 's hair cut and then replaced or when it is behind the abduction of Iðunn and blocks from the youth and then returns . Loki is an adept to change shape , with the ability to change both your appearance ( examples include transformation in salmon , horse , bird , fly, etc. . ) As its genre.

Loki was the father of many human creatures and monsters from Nordic mythology . With Angrboda had three children :
Fenrir , the giant wolf preordained to end Odin at Ragnarök .
Jörmundgander , the sea serpent .
Hela , the goddess of the kingdom of the dead.
Loki also married a goddess named Sigyn who bore him two children: Narfi and Vali.

To punish Loki for the death of Balder the gods turned Vali into a rabid wolf who broke Narfi throat . The viscera of Narfi were used to bind Loki to become Ragnarök. momentarily Svadilfari fathering mare , the horse part of the giant who built the walls of Asgard , Sleipnir , the eight-legged horse of Odin bestow on . A Hyndluljóð story relates that after eating the heart of a woman half-cooked , Loki gives birth to a monster whose name is not mentioned.

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Loki's plan, was to conquer Asgard releasing the wolf Fenrir, so that it swallows the sun and and freeze all Nordic gods, and for this, traveled to Greece and valuable of his powers of persuasion, to trick Hercules and Philoctetes , that Herc fought for the title against Thor God of Thunder Nordic,. Odin accept at the insistence of Loki,

Thor full fight was in the lead, but Loki breaking his covenant not to intervene, use her magic to help Hercules to win, and you was consedido the title of the God of Thunder and divinity, Next, without Thor interposing in its path, Loki went on to release the wolf Fenrir with the help of Hercules axcidental . , Loki sarcastically reveals his true evil nature and their evil intentions , Hercules tries to stop him, but is frozen but Thor comes to the rescue , but it is still frozen , Loki escapes to Asgard , Fenrir devours the sun , and Loki frees Ice giants, reaches below Asgard and subjected to other gods in their power.

Hercules realizes his mistake, and he host his divinity and his powers to authentic truno god, Thor, but, anyway, Thor loses to Loki, Odin appears to him to Hercules and motivates him to fight the evil of Loki, Hercules entonses fight and defeat Fenrir, Giants melts, and thaws Gods prisoners in the ice, Loki, is captured and arrested for all eternity. Loki, is captured and arrested for all eternity. The Nordic pantheon celebrates the avoidance of Ragnarok, Odin and Thor, to offered Hercules a position in the Nordic Pantheon, but Hercules is rejects by the terrible cold of the place.
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