Love takes off masks .... Picture

...that we fear we cannot live without, and know we cannot live within." (James A. Baldwin)

Help what is happening I just can´t with this series anymore. I did a speedpaint while watching the season 3 finale of Once upon a time, died of diabetes, and came back this morning to realize this is the first thing since weeks ago I drew that´s NOT related to the comic I´m currently stuck at. I suck at speedpaints, you immediately see the point where I had to hurry, since I set my "limit" for speedpaints on 45 minutes but I can´t art with a tablet in such a short amount of time aaahh it´s so frustrating.

But I love Rumpelle, I ship it so much and this seldomly happens since I am not much a fan of lovestories, but this hit me like a train. Maybe because the relationship that´s pictured between these two is what comes closest to what I imagine on Norse mythology Loki´s and Sigyn´s relationship was like, and I can really see them ending up similar. Sorry, I´m currently writing my term paper about this, I´m knee-deep into all this material, my rants are my rants.

When will I ever be able to draw faces. Fast. With the tablet.

For anyone who couldn´t figure out what the hell I am talking about, have a look at Once upon a time, I really didn´t expect to like it that much.
Rumpelstiltskin (it´s really funny how they spell his name in english...and weird) belongs to those people who own the people that make the series, as well as Belle, though luckily it´s only her hand in the picture, she´s so cute, I would have ruined her face.…

I´ll continue my breakdown elsewhere.
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