Atlantis series DVD cover Picture

I haven't made a DVD cover in a while because I am just so overwhelmed with DVD at this point (over 2000 and always growing) But I had to start again sometime. This one is devoted to the new series ATLANTIS by the BBC. Now if your a mythology or history buff you best skip this series, as everything is tweeked beyond reason. (Atlantis is the island of Akrotiri but King Minos of Crete rules and its just a walk away to Cholcis...go figure But its one DAMN good series and bathed in Aegean light, unlike so many other dark filmed shows these days. Mythology and history aside, its great and so much better than "Merlin."

Anyway, here is to a great new BBC series. The cover is meant for wide cases but I may be making thin cases at some point for the series. This deviation is of my own creation, created with images from the series and bears no use of stock images from
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