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“So, we’re lookin fer a new wide receiver, ya interested bud?” A rather large lunky jock asked Kejital in the library after Biology. He handed him a small blue flyer with the university’s mascot on it. Kejital looked it over and smiling politely told him,

“I appreciate the offer man, but I’m not athletic at all, I’m just not beef’d up enough to be good at the sport anyway.” The football player looked annoyed and stormed off in another direction.

Kejital shrugged his shoulders and walked down the hall for lunch. On his way down the hall, he crumpled up the flyer and tossed it. He figured he’s miss it and pick it up and try again, but he underestimated his strength and it flew straight into the basket. Feeling a moment of stupid pride, he grinned from ear to ear and entered the lunch line.

He felt today was a good day for a salad, on a strange whim, and made a very large salad, and sat down at his usual table. He engulfed the entire thing in a matter of minutes, and after they all chatted it up, (Glaucus, Rela, and Nuri) they went their separate ways for their next classes. Kejital had off until two-o-clock and considering it was just then half past noon, he went outside for a stroll and then maybe a nap in the courtyard.

The clubs and activities of course had claimed all of the sunny spots, and as he strolled through it, he heard the sound of muezzin-alarm clock and narrowly missed walking right through the Muslim Student union’s prayer. Turning bright red and apologizing, he high tailed it out of there, plugging in his iPod and turning it on. Once he thought he was well out of the way of the organizations on the lawn he nearly stepped on a girl sunbathing, and then as he retreated once again he tried to dislodge a lump at the base of his pants discreetly.

His discomfort grew, until it manifested itself physically, and a bull’s tail erupted from the seat of his pants. Hearing the rip he turned to look at it, and moved into an alleyway behind a dumpster. As he walked, he could feel his steps getting heavier, and he felt stronger with each one. But even with that said, he had a strange discomfort in his shoes- they must be too tight, and he was getting a splitting headache.

His headache got worse, and he could actually feel it in two places, just above his temples, then backwards and up till the pains were on either side of his head. The headache manifested itself by popping through his head in the shape of two great horns, like that of a bull. His body was definitely bulkier, and he could see and feel the discomfort of his clothing strained by his own body. Thick coarse brown hair grew ad nauseum all at once and all over his body, turning his body hair into a thick pelt. His face fired forward, and his ears grew out, while his body mass still increased.

His hands reshaped into the markedly primitive four fingered digits, the nail swelling to encompass the whole lower segment of each finger. Lastly his shoes suffered a finally indignity and one was totaled, but the other of them was still wearable because he got it off in time, as his toes hardened into hooves, and his feet elongated and thickened.

Taking his ear buds out, and holding them as carefully as he could with his much-larger than normal hands, he put the pieces together, and realized what he’d been turned into, the word Minotaur came to mind, and making sure the coast was clear, he bolted out of the alley into a field nearby, through which he cut towards his apartment. As the Bull-Kejital made his retreat he tired to run over exactly why he changed, he didn’t lean on an image of a bull, and he didn’t eat a hamburger or- he recalled his conversation with the jock earlier- where he told him he wasn’t large enough to play- but he used a euphemism for strong- “beefed up”. Hitting himself in the face with his beast-hand he made a mental note to think things through before he said anything else that made him into a monster.

“I’m not going to my Spanish class.” He told himself triumphantly, “I don’t wanna end up being cut up by a matador.” The realization that he was now indefinitely stuck as a mythological creature on a college campus in the middle of the school week hit him like a truck. And after letting an obscenity slip he clopped on home to go through Glaucus’ textbooks for any information.

Yeah…. I went here, again. This is another snippet from his new storyline and Kejital by saying something rather than doing this time changes into a Minotaur. I know the story’s half-arsed.

Kejital is © to me.
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