Moonflower Picture

Jeez, I started this drawing in late August... I got so stuck and carried away with all the minuscule details that it's taken me the past two months to reach a stopping point. I'm still not happy with it. I'm just posting it now because if I don't I'll be working on this stupid piece forever.

So this is an old original character I have stolen from my old account named Moonflower. She is a dryad, which in Greek mythology is a tree nymph, or a female spirit of a tree. Typically shy, Moonflower is anything but. Often curious and outgoing by nature, she is also mischievous. Most of all, she is a lover of all things on earth.


The first problem is a problem that I have continually struggled with. Upon the conclusion of the inking process and halfway through the coloring process, I had come to realize her head was WAY too big for her body. Shamefully, I scaled it down in Photoshop to make it a bit more realistic.

Next was her left arm on which she was reclining. Her arm was too short and her forearm was bent at an odd angle. So I elongated it and put it at the right angle. HOWEVER, it wasn't until AFTER I had done this did I realize problem #1 listed above. So I had to basically reconfigure her head and make the arm's length the original length I had drawn it.

Third was her left foot. It's bent at an odd and impossible angle which is physically impossible to pose unless her foot was broken at the ankle. And spoiler alert: I did not intend to make an original character born with a broken ankle.

Finally, the biggest complications were just figuring out the shading, the brightness and contrast of the plants, character, etc.

Other than that, despite the humongous self-critique I just gave, I am fairly pleased with the composition. It's also my first full colored piece I'm posting in this gallery.

Watercolor texture was borrowed.
Rest of the art is mine.
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