017 - WOW Contest Entry 3D Picture

Blizzard is holding an art contest right now, and this is my entry for their Warcraft low-poly 3D category. It's basically a made-up alliance race. Way back when i first heard about the Burning Crusade expansion they only talked about the Blood Elves (the new horde race) and I wondered what would be the new alliance race. I was thinking about possible ideas and this is basically one of them. Of course, the Dranei race has been announced since then, so we all know what the new alliance race is going to be. But this was what I thought it could end up being.

This is loosely based on the Urisk - a mythical scottish goat/horse-man that roamed the highlands of scotland. Since most everything else in warcraft is based on some sort of mythology, I figured it'd be appropriate.

He's a little over 2000 polys (don't remember exact number). The textures are 100% hand-panted (per the requirements of the contest)
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