Consciousness Rising Picture

The symbolism of an apple and the feminine has shared an interesting relationship as seen in biblical accounts, mythology and fairytales. Obviously, the story of Eve and the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge is most known. In mythology, the Trojan War can be traced back to earlier accounts of an apple being a catalyst in a dispute over divine beauty. In modern day tales from Grimm, such as Snow White, themes of youthful innocence and deceit are directly associated with the feminine figures and the apple. Although these stories have diverse origins and significance, they share the common theme of a central feminine figure, a decision, and a chain of events thereafter. Many of the stories have focused on the “negative” connotations, such as the loss of innocence, indulgence, or the “poisoned” apple. As a symbolic translation these viewpoints tend to be one-sided. As the title suggests, 'Consciousness Rising' explores the rich history of these iconic symbols, but also hopes to capture a holistic view.

The 24x30x1.5 original acrylic painting is stretched over a gallery frame. The painting has a textured/impasto appearance. In the spirit of many great paintings from history, I used the tranquil greens to contain the energy of the red hues.

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