Hakkenden Picture


I discovered this anime when I heard that the second season was going to come out, so I figured I should go watch it since what else am I going to do with my time ahahahahahaha
So like I totally spaced out on my Japanese mythology / folktales / stories / etc. etc. whatever you want to call them. A while later, I realized what the anime is based on, and I was flailing around and stuff (you know the thing you do when you get a reference and you feel so clever even though everyone else knows what it is and yeah). Then I thought about Okami (the go-to game for all your Japanese folklore hurhur), since it's where I first learned about Fusehime and stuff and now I want to go play it but I don't have the game anymore fuuuuuu /cries

Tl;dr: I like this show. And the story it's based off of.
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