DotW Mascot Contest - Rules and Info - Senex Picture

Aaaagh the character design spam. XO

For DotW's mascot contest for the Rules and Info portion. We have Father Time... I mean... Senex.

Name: Senex
Age: Historical Figure
Personality/Info: Senex is a historical figure from a long-extinct pack that has come to be a bit of an urban legend (or the wolf version of an urban legend). Sort of like how Santa Claus stemmed from the real personage of St. Nicholas, Senex is widely accepted as a real wolf, but also as a mythologized entity. He was a healer, wise-man, and keeper of stories and pack history. He was thought to have perhaps been blind, which further propagated the cultural imagery of him being a symbol of blind, non-judgmental justice. He is kind, grandfatherly, wise, but emotionally detached as a necessity for his responsibilities. He was known for his perfect photographic memory, and he could remember everything he ever experienced or had ever been told. In current times he is thought of as a cosmic keeper of peace and order, the ultimate tie-breaker, and keeper of records and truth.
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