Angrboda Doll 1 Picture

Doll of my Disney version of Angrboda, a giantess (Jotun) from Norse Mythology. As of now, I am making her the villain in my Norse Mythology Disney movie concept about the goddess Sigyn (rough story concept here: )

In the myths, Angrboda is the Jotun lover of Loki, the god of mischief. Obviously, since this is a concept for a family film, that detail is going to be altered (much like certain details of Greek Mythology were altered in Hercules). Although I haven't fully figured out the details of Angrboda's character or a final version of the plot, my idea so far is instead of having her as Loki's lover (as Sigyn is meant to be the heroine and Loki her love interest), she will be seeking to control Loki in some capacity due to his exceptional powers as a magician and trickster. As her name indicates - it means "one who brings grief" or "she-who-offers-sorrow" - she is an agent of chaos. It is her wish to destroy the power of the gods and take over the world, etc. - typical villain stuff, basically - and she wants to use Loki's power to help her achieve that end. In Norse mythology, Loki fathers her three children: Hel(a), goddess of the Underworld; Fenrir, a wolf; and Jormungand, the Midgard serpent; all of whom play vital roles in the Norse day of doom, Ragnarok. For the sake of child-appropriateness, again, this will have to be altered, but somehow I'm going to have her force? Loki into combining his magic with hers to create these three beings to do her bidding.

I've been sketching her in addition to making this doll, and her character traits as well as her design are largely inspired by Eris from Dreamworks' Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas. According to this source:…, Angrboda seems to have a knack for being a shape-shifter, and every time I imagine my concept for her, I can't help but think about how Eris moves around in the Sinbad movie (talk about amazing animation there). She's definitely turning out to be the complete antithesis to everything Sigyn's character will stand for, so I can't wait to develop this more and finally pit the two against each other in a battle over Loki
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