Olympus Picture

Ok, this is a present for everyone who have had their birthday recently, for some reason, many people I know have their birthday in May. You know who you are and I hope you will appreciate this. Also a special thanks to Flex for helping me out last week at work. Without you I would probably still be thinking of that one.

Ok, challenge for you people. Name the god which each charater is suppose to be according to Greek Mythology.
I have a reason for every character. And you'll probably think, hey this character would fit better as this god. But no, I'ev thought it all through. Many times. And I'm sticking to my version XD I'll post my reasons when you have come up with some suggestions of your own.

The idea came to my mind late one thuesday afternoon, and I figured, I just need to sketch it down so I won't forget it. However, I couldn't let this go even if I had tons of other things to do. Each character took approximately 3 hours each to finish, and the BG around 2 hours. So that's... almost 30 hours. But 3 hours a character aint much
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