Feeding Ammy Picture

I don't know of a good title...

Something random I contrived of several days ago... An idea came randomly when I was playing the game Okami and did the action where you can feed the animals for 'experience points'

so I flipped this around and made my original character Masato feeding Amaterasu (affectionately called 'Ammy' in the game)

I know the wolf anatomy is not perfect, but this is the best I think I could do free handed. ( I only used references to render the wolf properly, but I did not look up a pose). Thinking about the pose, it seems that she is in a rather aggressive posture I think... but she was supposed to be leaning downward to drink out of a bowl.

But I used heavy references on my original character, I looked up a similar looking pose on an artbook and used it.

The character design of this rendition of Amaterasu and Issun( if you can look hard) belongs to Capcom
( I mean, can you really say 'actual mythological figure x ' belongs to 'company y' ? )
Masato belongs to me
done on drawing paper
comment freely so I can improve
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