Asteria's Dragon sheet Wip Picture

Just a little something I was working on yesterday ^^
Sooo, for my Valkyrie I am working on, Asteria, I first wanted her to have a giant wolf, as told in the ancient Norse mythology. But then I thought: Hey, weren't there dragons during this time?
And so, I present to you: Mr Nameless (because he have no name yet XD )

The reason he have no wings, is because they were stolen from him when he was just a hatchling. For some reason I haven't figured out yet, Loki stole them. And since Asteria's dear Wolf had been killed, she took on the task to care for the dragon. And now, he has grown to be as strong as 12 horses, almost as fast as sleipner, and just as great a friend to Asteria as any wolf, or human, could ever become.

If you have any name-suggestions, that would be really great^^ But I need to find something that fits the Norse mythology and it's time.
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