Naruto: The Home Wrecker Picture

About two years ago, some girl at my school had a Naruto action figure (for some reason) and gave it to my group (the anime freaks). It was dumb. I love Naruto and all, but the toys are stupid. It came with this piece of rubber that had a bunch of kunais carved on it *shakes head* so dumb...but DarkMajix, Hina, and I made it better; we gave him a handlebar mustache and go-tee.

Now, for a Mythology project, Hina and I needed a dollhouse, and Naruto to be a "robber." DarkMajix had Naruto before. So, yesterday during another Mythology project, I got bored set Naruto up on a lawn chair while the other "dolls" were sitting on a couch together. Hina made a comment like "Aw, they love each other" or something because the dolls were leaning towards one another. So, I decided to ruin that hence this picture. Hina dubbed him "Naruto: The Home Wrecker."


Naruto (c) Masashi Kishimoto
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