OC: Alpenglow Picture

I decided to have another go at my OC Alpenglow using what I know about inkscape now, and I like the angled (3/4?) view. The problem with stallions is you have to mess with the perspective a bit to do anything that's not a simple side view. The head was traced from Doctor Whooves in "Too Many Pinkies." Thanks to ZuTheSkunk for inspiration [link].

About the OC: Oddly enough, not supposed to be based on me, it was just fun putting him together and giving him some in depth back story.

Species: Pegasus
Eyes: Burgundy Red
Cutie Mark: Mountain with glowing horizon

Alpenglow is a mysterious figure from pony mythology. His origins trace back to the beginning years of Equestria, where he served as one of the Royal Sisters' first knights and guards. Imbued with the Elements of Heroism themselves directly derived from the Elements of Harmony, he defended early Equestria from evil of all sorts with his fellow knights and friends. It has been lost to time what became of the knights or of Alpenglow, but the few existing records suggest that the knights were eventually corrupted by the evil they fought, and Alpenglow was the last to succumb to this evil. Presumably, the Royal Sisters were forced to banish or imprison them all. Remnants of the knights and Alpenglow could perhaps be found at the old home of the Sisters...

All the mares and stallions of the knights were unique in their skills and character but they shared a common devotion to the promotion of harmony among all creatures in the land, calling upon the elements of Compassion, Integrity, and Courage. Legend says Alpenglow was quick and agile, dead silent even in his armour, and brought light and hope even in the darkest of times, which was reflected in his cutie mark and the way in which he carried himself. His armour, shield, and sword were said to shine with the light of his namesake, and possessed mysterious powers bestowed by the Royal Sisters. Unfortunately, those too were likely lost forever with the knights. Not much else can be said about Alpenglow's fall, or what ultimately became of the last of the knights. One can only imagine the burden such responsibility and loss saddles a pony with...

Thanks to whoever was willing to read all this! Comments welcome!

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