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EDIT: ok now that I'm less dead, let's fix up this description

I've always had a soft spot for Celtic & Gaelic stuff, so I went a little overboard with my research, resulting in a character that pretty much fits historically xD I;m pretty sure I'm not likely to win, but hey this was fun O u O




mythology and research and stuff: EVERY CORNER OF THE INTERNET (a.k.a I used wikipedia for some of it and I am ashamed so I'm not naming everything)

If you search it up, Deichtine really IS a figure in Irish mythology, and St. Patrick really did hear a voice telling him to go in his 6th year of slavery (again, if my sources are correct). I also searched up the symbolism of various knots, some instruments, etc. in accordance to what I wanted for my character.

The timeline should be generally correct; Deichtine is part of the Ulster Cycle which is set around the time of Christ (around year 0? if that exists?). Obviously I've taken just the name of the original mythological figure and used her time period and disappearance to my advantage.
The carnyx was in use during that time so she easily could've come across one. Then St. Patrick was a slave around the 5th century, giving her time enough to have established a relationship between the various fair folk, such as protecting children from faerie exchanges (changelings), by the time she comes across the 22 year old slave herding in a field.
According to this timeline, I've made it so that she receives the cannon upon her conversion into a Guardian, and which she later decorates with knots when Insular art became popularized (7th century) to show her duty to forever protect the children (hence eternity and shield knots). She comes across a carnyx and enchants it so that only those who pledged allegiance to her can hear it. As for the brief mention of the triscele necklace, she received this from Manny in the early 17th century when St. Patrick's Day became a official. The necklace is a symbol of moving forward, marking a major milestone in her Guardian career, and brings good luck. She lends it to the other Guardians whenever the have a difficult task in front of them.

I could go on, but my brain hurts and yours probably does now too, so I'll stop here ;u; <3

Stuff I used
texture by ~beckas [link]
Painttool SAI
Photoshop CS6
Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch

art and character(c) me ~iDraw-RAWR
Rise of the Guardians film concepts (c) Dreamworks

*Disclaimer: The research I've done may not be accurate and purely depends on the accuracy of my sources.
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