AT - Proserpina and Arawn Picture

The first of a two-part art trade between =BabyGryphon and I of her character Prose and *Chocolatebonbons121's Arawn. So I suppose I could say it's for both of ya'll.

I've been messing with the harder highlights to create a more metallic texture, and also, panel detailing. Not too much so as to clutter it but enough to add some visual interest. I'm somewhat proud of the background, but I'm not fond of the the way it clashes with the outlined figures. While it's nice being 'painterly' and all, I probably should've inked it as well.

Oh, and before I forget! The pose itself is based off of a classic sculpture of "The Abduction of Persephone." Both Arawn and Proserpina stem from mythological origins, coming from a Welsh death god and the Greek goddess Persephone.
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