Maloki Concepts Picture

Lately I've been thinking about this little guy a lot. Well, I say guy, but at the moment Maloki doesn't have a gender (which is why I refer to this character as 'they', as opposed to 'it' or 'he/she'). Initially, I had them be a street kid/petty thief in the town Elias (the sheep-rabbit alchemist) lives, occasionally running errands for him. But then I became intrigued with Maloki: what species are they? Where do they come from? What if Maloki was not born into poverty, but forced into it because something happened to their hometown/farm/wherever they lived at first? I have not figured it out yet. The colours of the clothes are tests, I could not decide yet which I likes best or indeed if there would be colour symbology (for that matter, the circle is also just a test).

Maloki first was just a mutt, a hybrid beyond recognition, but lately I've been thinking about making this a separate species. I have no name for them yet, but they are like a mix of lemurs, cats, rats and foxes. Well, that's where I drew inspiration from. Striped tails are very important, as are the naked soles and palms (which have a different colour from the main fur, usually darker). The ears are wideset and very mobile, and are used along with the tail to express emotions. As you can see here I was not very consistent with the body and face. I think I prefer the feet to lie flat, as on the rightmost picture. Probably with foot-thumbs like lemurs have, but I did not draw this here. The eyes are usually large, with round pupils and white sclera. My beloved eyebrowspots are also very common
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