Selene Goddess Of The Moon Picture

Oh my god deviantart stop crashing on meeeeee this is like the 4th time ive tried to upload this.


you'd think Id be so done with greek mythology after my previous adventures in AP computer graphics last year, but now its all I can think to draw. go figure. (just drew up icarus yesterday)

When I was drawing this though, this guy came up to me and asked what I was doing an im like 'drawing selene greek goddess of the moon' but then hes like 'Im pretty sure that Artemis is the goddess of the moon' WELL YOU KNOW WHAT- shut up. she the freaking goddess of the hunt get your facts straight. I think I would know just a little bit more about this than you would seeing how I voluntarily studied greek myths last year he even said he didnt know that much about greek mythology. HONEY CHILD DONT EVEN START WITH ME.

so yeah that happened.
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