Flying Head Picture

There were some drawings I made while working on the Mystery Kids comic and figured I'd post them up along with the comic which I'll be taking a small break to work on other drawings.

I don't know about any of you guys but I don't see a lot of monsters from Native American mythology much, either in books or shows or even movies. I mean sure there was that horror movie involving the Deer Woman and some shows mentioning the Wendigo but other then that, its basically nonexistent.

And frankly there's a lot of fucked up monsters like this thing; a large flying head covered in feathers and sometimes shown with wings. Now I'm pretty sure the Gravity Falls short "Tooth" took some ideas regarding the lore about a giant flying head but this is just a guess. And I figured this could be a type of monster the Mystery Kids could encounter along with other monsters mentioned like the Vampire Beast and the Argopelter.

And obviously its not colored (I didn't feel like coloring it)

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