So close, yet so far away Picture

*happy sigh* Finally got an EP fanart done! even if it is a scrap pic.
Tis Real Mayar and Vincent Law from the new anime "Ergo Proxy". It's a sci-fi series from the creators of Witch Hunter Robin and Samurai Champloo. ^_^ I normally don't go for sci-fi animes, but this one had so many mythological/philosophical references I couldn't help but want to watch it. I discovered this anime a while ago and now I'm completely in love with it. It's so very mysterious. I love it's opening theme song! Sooo cool/pretty. The first episode had me go "huh?" a couple of times, (it was so dark! I could barely tell what was going on in some scenes) but after reading around the net about it, I learned more and became terribly intrigued with the series and watched most of it on Youtube. The characters are very interesting.

Squee, I just love Vincent. He's a mousy, awkward, kinda cowardly guy who always has his eyes closed. You would never think he's an important character, (just some weird guy who's got a crush on Real) but he is. After episode two you realize...oooh, he's really crucial to the story! ha ha, and then he opens his eyes in the third episode and waii, such awesome eyes. I think even Real was impressed with them...(reminded me of a vampire though...) *ahem* When Vincent first shows up, he doesn't look like this. He's VERY different, a whole lot less imposing as this. ha ha ha, But after a while, he starts looks less polished and less geeky, and more like this. XD In general, he's a cutie. ^^

As for Real, I really didn't do her justice here. She's really gorgeous. I tried to make this fanart as close to the series style, but she's more stunning up front (or up close to her eyes...) Anyways, She's a cool gothy badass cop. I find it hillarious how she beats on Vincent so much. XD He's so meek with her, its cute.

Gah, What bugs me about this picture of course is that she looks shorter than him. I believe they're the same height. She can actually lift him which is another thing I found hillarious. ha ha ha, Real kicks so much ass. God, I'm such a fangirl. Anyways, I can't imagine them entering a fluffy romance (ever!). Real just isn't the fluffy kind of girl (which is what makes her scenes with her friend, the 'Prince', so weird to me...) and so far I don't think she fancys Vincent one way or another (maybe later she does?). Vincent on the other hand definately has a crush on her.

Whatever the case, Real's the dominant one in their strange acqauintance/relationship. Poor Vincent. XD; He's got so many problems already and Real's always on his case trying to figure out his connection to Proxy (godlike monster creature). ha ha, the poor dude, he's got my sympathy. The girl you admire only pays attention to you cuz of some nightmarish creature you wish you had no connection to. XD At any rate, thus my title. They're both close to the thing they're seeking, but they just can't seem to reach it.

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