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My latest pic, again a one-day process. I wanted to do a pic in honor of Jet, who may or may not be dead. Either way, I feel that this pic works. The style is kind of Kingdom Hearts inspired, with the fade to white and everything (his blades even cross to form even a heart-like shape). The colors were originally much darker during the process. Jet wasn't supposed to look so forlorn. He was supposed to look kind of happy, but that changed too. And, for those of you who are real sticklers for costuming, I don't care that Jet's costume lacks the shoulderpads. I just don't.

The meaning behind the pic is this:

--It is called "To A Better Tomorrow"-- Note that Jet is walking from a cloudy area to one that is brighter (it's not really clear, but the clouds at the top of the screen are darker)

--If Jet is already dead--He is walking through a field of wheat, symbolic of the Elysian fields of Greek mythology, where the heroic and virtuous were to have gone when they died. Jet, having redeemed himself, earns a happy place in the Spirit World.

--If Jet is not dead--Wheat is a symbol of working people, the people Jet claims to want to help. He also will have to help work towards "A Better Tomorrow."

--Jet resembles a Christ figure--It became a bit of a joke in my high school English classes. Whenever someone was laid out in that manner, someone had to call out "Christ figure!!!" If Jet died, or dies in the future, he is almost a martyr for his cause. I'm not saying that he's right up there with Jesus, because he is not that good, but he would be a martyr.

I don't want Jet to be dead, but we've seen that they are willing to kill off characters (though I still like to yell out "Zhao lives!!!!" from time to time with ~Penbee-of-Treewood).

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