Angha Picture

As if Pokemonathon wasn't enough, I've decided to get myself into yet another art marathon challenge. This one is called Alphabestiary, and basically what happens is every two weeks the community posts a mythological creature and then... you draw it. There will be one for every letter of the alphabet, and so this is the creature for the letter A - an Angha.

The Angha is a composite creature from Persia, it has the head and body of a dog, the tail and wings of a peacock, and the paws of a lion. It was supposed to be a huge, motherly creature, always female and very nurturing. Now, as all of you guys probably know, it is only the male peacock that has those fancy tail feathers. However, I stuck them on my Angha as well because the idea of having "real eyes" instead of eyespots was way too tempting. I kept thinking about that weird saying "mothers have eyes on the backs of their heads" as I was making this... how creepy would it be to have this thing watching you from all angles?

I also went with a more fox-like face, for no reason in particular really. I just had been looking at Fennec Foxes the day before I started this and decided to go for it. And hey, I think it looks pretty good!

Anyway, if any of you are interested in joining (which I hope some of you are!) you can check out the community here: [link] I figure all of my submissions for this will be traditional, and all my Pokemonathon submissions will be digital, and that way I can keep up to date in all the ways I like to make art. It felt really nice to bust out a creature in traditional media... it's been far too long!
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