DZXTH: Hunting 101 Picture

I have an online Art History course about Non-Western topics. Naturally the East is the meat of the matter (why they just don't call it Eastern Art History is beyond me.)

One of the things for midterm was "photographic evidence" if your research... so I decided to make it fun for myself.

Considering that the cover page of a future reseach paper could be freely designed, I figure I could mess around a lil' bit with "notes".

So I came up with this idea about after seeing some paintings of Yokai and different aspects of mythology in my research.

I had this new design for Dan I wanted to try, so this became my test subject to see how it would work. He's growin' a beard, lol.

I thought about Thrift and Hatchmon being part of the "lecture" but it wound up being easier to focus on Tagiru and Gumdramon since they were the point of the comic.
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