Valkyrie 10 Picture


"Yes Sir?"

"Did you get all those copies of "Airman" pulled back from our bases all over the world?"

"Mostly Sir."


"Well Sir, we got all the official copies back from the distributors. But we are pretty sure that some disappeared enroute. We think various air crew and ground handlers probably took a few copies. Additionally, we know there were several thousand downloads from the website. But the website has been changed and all the remaining hard copies have been recovered. The new editions with the new cover is now out on news stands."

"Well, I suppose that will have to be good enough. Did Congress get any wind of this mess?"

"No Sir. They are all on vacation."

"Excellent. Any sign that the press got wind of this fiasco?"

"Only that one Fox news reporter Sir."

"Which one?"

"The blonde Sir."


"Sir, you know the pretty blonde who always wears the short skirts and big heels."

"Colonel, you are going to have to be way more specific than that."

"Sir, the bottom line is that she's not going to say anything."

"Oh, why not?"

"I arranged for MAJ Juan to persuade her."

"You mean my aide, Major "The Don" Juan."

"Yes Sir."

"Excellent thinking Colonel. You may make General yet. Just no more screw ups like this one... understood?"

"Yes Sir."

"I really am tired of fixing the messes that you make."

"Yes Sir."

"Now. Is my tee time still set?"

"Yes Sir."

"Excellent. Have Major Juan get my clubs and meet me at the staff car."


A continuation of the situation in my last two Valkyrie renders:
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