83 Crossing the River Styx Picture

My final piece for my concentration in art class! I was exploring darker aspects of fairy-tales, nursery rhymes, and folklore. I used acrylics to paint Barghest and Mary Mary Quite Contrary, then did a mixed traditional/digital for Ring Around the Rosey, then purely digital for kelpies and finishing with the River Styx. I was listening to some I Am Ghost while trying to figure out what my final piece should be of when their song 'Crossing the River Styx' came on. The River Sttyx is one of the rivers that runs to the Underworld as told by Greek mythology.

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Crossing the River Styx- I Am Ghost
Kyrie Elesion
Gratia tua illis succurrente
Mereantur evadere judicium
Fac eas de morte transire ad vitam
Et in memoria aeterna erit

Lord, have mercy
By the help of Thy grace
May they be enabled to escape the judgement
Grant them to pass over from death to life
And they shall live in memory everlasting.

[Soprano Solo:]
Tantus labor non sit cassus
Ne me perdas

(Such travail must not be in vain
Do not let me be lost)

[Tenor Solo:]
Cor Contritum quasi cinis
Quem patronum rogarturus?
ne me perdas

(My heart is as though ground to ashes
To which protector shall I appeal?
Do not let me be lost)
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