Aisling's Song Screencap Redraw Picture

I made this a while ago but never posted it. Which is strange because I really like how it turned out?

Anyway, a screencap redraw of a frame from Aisling's Song from the Secret of Kells which is one of my favorite movies EVER and it just really fantastic everyone needs to go see it RIGHT NOW.

Not much else to say about it really. If any of you know me you know I've got a thing for drawing girls with crazy long hair and Celtic mythology so it should be easy to figure out why I chose this scene to draw from. I really had a lot of fun making this, I want to do a screencap redraw from Song of the Sea after I see that (it's made by the same people that made Kells and it's about selkies and I love selkies so much and I'm so excited to see it aaaaah).

The thing I struggled with most was probably Pangur, trying to give the right amount of transparency but also trying to have it be bright enough to cast light into other objects (which I think added to the overall atmosphere of the piece).
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