The Pagemaster Picture

What? You were expecting maybe a wrinkly old timer in a flowing blue robe? Sorry, folks. No one here but us felines!

Okay, so the halls of Writer Heart Cat's famous Kingdom of Caring library isn't exactly enchanted, complete with talking books that sound just like Whoopi Goldberg, but it DOES have a rather enchanted feel to it.

Besides, it just might have one or two enchanted old spellbooks lying around in there somewhere!

-Tenderheart Bear: "Uhm, excuse me, but did you just say 'Spellbook'?"

-Brave Heart: "Yeah, I think we've all had our fill of those. Thanks but no thanks!"

Writer Heart Cat was adopted at kittenhood and raised by a kindly librarian woman with a great fondness for cats. She already owned five other pets (all of them feline, of course!) besides Writer from previous adoptions. All of them strays from the city streets which she cared for and loved immensely.

And the feeling was quite mutual! As a matter of fact, all of her cats were so well behaved, the owner of the big old fasioned 18th century library, and old childhood friend to the librarian, saw no trouble at all in allowing the animals to run about freely inside the roomy building. As a matter of fact, he actually persuaded her to let them all live in the library that way she wouldn't need to round them all up at the end of every day.

(So Writer Heart was raised in a library, eh? That explains a lot of things! *snicker*)

They were made quite comfortable and at home. And the readers certainly seemed to enjoy their company!
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