Seth - Nephthys Ref. Sheet Picture

Seth's wife, Nephthys.

"Nephthys was typically paired with her sister Isis in funerary rites because of their role as protectors of the mummy and the god Osiris and as the sister-wife of Seth"
(From Wikipedia)

In this case, I changed a bit the original myth. She isn't Osiris and Seth's sister and so isn't Isis, they are their cousins instead. However, Nephthys is still Seth's wife. I didn't wanted to make them so close by "blood" and I wanted to keep my comic still resembling the original myth.

She's still the mother of Anubis (that she had with Osiris). Yay, let's study Ancient Egyptian mythology with comics! *dummy face*

I mixed Nephthys with Neith's figure in the mythology. Seth himself calls her "Neith" in the comic, he does it often because he forgets his own wife's name, lol. However, Neith is seen as a woman with the head of a snake, a cow or a lioness. I decided to represent her as a snake (cobra) woman.

She is kind, friendly and way too easygoing with Seth. If it wasn't for Khnum (another of the characters of the comic), the dear anteater would have killed his own brother long time ago. She still loves to zap him with a thunder when he's not doing his job.

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