Coat of Arms Picture

I've been trying to figure a coat of arms for myself for a while now, last night it finally clicked and I finished it this afternoon. The badge is my new avatar, btw. I might put up the old variations a little later, now that I'm officially done with them.

The lions represent my dominant lazy/social aspect, and the lynx represent my subverted hyperactive/solitary aspect. The lynx also closely resemble the royal arms of England, from where I'm half descended. The lions all have two tails to reinforce my personal, frustrating duality. The horses are there to show my eastern European heritage, specifically the Magyar/Hun/Mongolian cavalry invader ancestors of whom I am so proud. The falcon on top is supposed to be Turul, the messenger of Magyar mythology.

The motto at the bottom is FORTITUDA QUAERITUR SCIENTIA, which is latin for 'Strength is sought through knowledge'
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