two-headed raven Picture

wow, I'm so original with my titles, aren't I? x,x This piece has a weird story behind it. Last night, I dreamt of a house my family has passed on the road many times. We always used to wonder why it was for sale so often. It was an oldish stone house in the middle of a field, with a wooden ramp on the front. Well, last night it sort of came to me. I walked up the steps, and it was as if I had gone back in time and everything had been frozen in one moment. The thing that sticks out most in my memory of it was their little dog - it was frozen chasing its tail. In the house was a Christmas tree with unopened presents. It was as if everything was frozen at Christmas time, and still stayed the same even though the weather outside changed. Then I felt the house begging me to figure out what had happened inside it so that it could be free from this curse. I was compelled to perform a ritual, though I couldn't recount it for you now. I have never done it before and I didn't know what I was doing exactly in the dream, but it did involve making a circle around the cursed objects and then drawing the symbol of my element above the circle. I think I meditated after that. I tried it first on a few small items from under the tree and it seemed to work, so I went outside to make a big cirlce around the whole house when I looked into the tree next to it, and there was this... a two-headed raven. All I remember was thinking that that was a sign of very very bad luck. And then the dream was over.

Does anybody know any mythology, or possible symbolism for a double headed raven or crow? o,o
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