Mizore Shirayuki Picture

This is Mizore Shirayuki from the Anime series Rosario+Vampire.

She's a Yuki Onna, that means snow woman. In japanese mythology she is kind of a personification of winter who surprises travelers in a snowstorm and freeze them to death with her ice cold kiss. I think it's one of the nicest ways to die.
But be not afraid, Mizore is not going to kiss you. XD

Mizore Shirayuki has a wonderful character design and this 1/8 scale figure made by the company Shueisha gets very close to the original character. At least it's by far the best Mizore figure out there and not just because there aren't

Edit 31.12.13: I did a lot of post processing to make the photo more vibrant and played with contrast and lights. Although, I took this photo with a Samsung ES60 ( = 50$ point&crap camera) a few years back and therefore the possibilities in making the photo look better are very limited. Yet it's one of my dearest shots and reminds me of the days as the weather was cold and my passion for photography was hot. Not vice versa as it is now.
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