Father Christmas Picture

this is half of a Christmas themed duo of prints I did for the holidays, It seemed appropriate to include Father Christmas (Santa) in My series of mythological beings as he was, and is still a part of my upbringing and personal mythology. Mostly a European creation, Father Christmas is present in many many countries across the globe in different guises. Basically though, He (or she as in the Italian Strega/Befana) doles out gifts to children at some point during the winter and is usually associated with a winter feast/ festival or celebration of some kind. Christmas literally means the birth of Christ but Santa never really fit into that story very well and looks to be another case of an older pagan tradition being imported and changed into a christian story. Either way I wanted to portray a fairly ambiguous figure for Father Christmas, as he is so very widespread and looks different from culture to culture. I also wanted to stay as far away as possible from the Coke Santa which is more of a recent (19th century) commercially-driven creature. anyways, the mythology and lore of Christmas traditions around the world is truly fascinating to me, Krampus who I plan on Illustrating next (seriously look this guy up such twisted stuff!) the Scandinavian goat-santa, the previously mentioned Italian witch who gives out presents and other strange creatures that occupy the fringes of this traditional holiday.

I love being able to reproduce my work in such a tactile way.
This and most of my other prints are making up the bulk of my Christmas gifts, so if you’re on my list, sorry to ruin the surprise!
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