Guardianship Of The Lamiae Picture

My first proper attempt at a Daz Studio artistic render using Reality 4. Rather pleased with the result! There is a definite 'film grain'-like appearance, even after a couple of hours - but allowing it to continue rendering overnight cleared that issue up. My only issue is that the serpent trunk doesn't look as realistic, compared to when being rendered in the 3Delight (I experimented with both 'glossy' and 'skin' material settings, but it looked the same). It did, however, massively help with making the room look a lot less fake! And, of course, the interaction of the lighting upon skin and the metallic clothing/weapon, is impressive.

It's a depiction of the half-serpent, apparently vampiric, entities known as the Lamiae. It's quite possible that various stories about the historical woman, Lamia ('Lamiae' is plural), got later conflated into one race of beings and, during research for a story I've been writing about one of them, I discovered similar properties (half-serpent, able to influence the weather and so on) were attributed to an Eastern figure known as the Nāga (the females of which are identified as Nāgī or Nāgiṇī).

To make the matter even more interesting, I recently found out there's another half-serpent female entity, this time from Greek mythology (as with the Lamiae, themselves), known as Echidna!

Is it be possible such beings have been encountered in the distant past and, over time, for witness testimonies to have been fused into multiple cultural interpretations? Could be...!

Either way, I find their iconic nature highly compelling and aim to produce further art to represent them.

For those interested in what I used to create this in Daz Studio...

Lighting: Just a single 'mesh light' shining down from above.
Environment: Temple Of The Pharaohs.
Figure: Genesis 2 Female (mixed with Naida and a whole lot of different shaping morphs).
Hair: Diva Hair (Actual Diva Hair expansion).
Teeth: Creature Creator/Dental Plan 2 HD.
Clothing: Rose Thorn.
Serpent trunk: Succubus Add-Ons (possibly with use of the Medusa's Serpent Hair Expansion for a more relevant brown tone).
Weapon: An axe from the Heroine Fantasy Armour set.
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