Inuyasha and Shikon No Tama Picture

Inuyasha and The Jewel of Four Souls
-REVISED 5/28/04-

1) Claws - now there's big, curved, thick, and scary looking instead of looking like cheap "press-on nails"

2) Expression - Inuyasha's trademark snarl/smirk makes an appearance, hopefully making him more recognizable too

3) Stripes - Inu's demon stripes on his cheeks are thicker, and scarier looking now

4) Eyebrows - Inu's brows are thicker

5) Teeth - fangs moved from incisors to canines

6) Background - is lighter now so it shows more

7) Overall - the midtones have been slightly lightened for PC users

8) Title - Title spelling has been changed from "Inuyasha and Shikon No Tahmah" to "Inuyasha and Shikon No Tama"

Image based on "Inuyasha, A Feudal Fairytale" by Rumiko Takahashi

Pictured above is Inuyasha at last holding his Holy Grail, the Jewel of Four Souls, as it changes him into a full blooded demon. But the question is, will Inuyasha figure out that turning full demon may not be as great as he thinks it is before it's too late?


I adore the anime/manga series "Inuyasha" and I wanted to try something different, but converting an anime character into a more realistic 3D character isn't easy. For inspiration on his features, I used ideas of what actors would make a good Inuyasha if there were a live action movie of the series as well as taking into account the characteristics that make Inuyasha "Inuyasha" in anime. M3Inuyasha's got a bit of Brandon Lee, River Phoenix, Inuyasha voice actor's Richard Cox, and Yamaguchi Kappei in him.

The image is rendered in Poser 4 for Mac. The jewel, special effects, postwork, and textures are done in Photoshop.

Wild and Messy Hair
Magatama Beads by Lab108
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