Trance Mutation Picture

Sometimes what I love the most about making art is the research I put into it. I love beginning with a single mythological/religious figure and exploring the archetype across cultures. This piece began when I had a dream about Tibet and looked up some Tibetan art when I woke up. I came across the image of Tara, which I based the composition and colors off of. Blue Tara represents transmutation of anger, and in some systems is nearly identical to the Hindu goddess Kali. From Kali I moved to the Celtic Morrigan, and most importantly to the Assyrian Ishtar, goddess of war, sex, fertility, and lots of good shit. These figures share so much symbolism that if I were to tell all about it here this description would be ungodly long and confusing.

I'm really into using my own handwriting as a pattern these days. The words are meant to be illegible so as not to be too distracting, but for anyone whose curiosity is killing them, the lines are from the Ishtar myth and say "If thou openest not the gate to let me enter, I will break down the door."

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