Fakemon-Aveon Picture

Well, I got this idea of Flying type Eeveelution. I just didn`t had idea for the color... so picked some random yelow... Anyway, this is my own design.
Anyway, it was sapose to have wings in my idea (that looked the same as its ears) but it was to much for an eeveelution so I removed it. Those pointy things where sapose to like feathers. Yes it can fly, its has wings on its back legs. Why so small and on back legs? I`ll let you figure that out yourself, it has to do with greek mythology.

Toke me eatlest an hour to do this, with realy lazy work, look. Some description?

"Even with it small wings it’s very agile while flying. It has an ability to predict bad weather.

Name comes from word 'avian' thats lattin for a bird + eon.

EDIT: I just noticed that there is a lot of Aveon art, I just want to say that I didn`t know that before I made this one, I just go thre same idea and different disign. X3 also for watermark.

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Aveon/art (c)
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