Walking Paradox Picture

The RavenYote again, a subject of my brushpen shenanigans. I think I may have a design I like. (Ditched the wings. She just looks weird with 'em.)

Even though Raven and Coyote are known best in mythology as Tricksters, the fact is, usually if they're both figures in the same culture, they hate each other. Sort of flip sides of the same coin, and if you look at even just Coyote mythology, you'll see that they attribute contradicting traits to him, even called the Prince of Chaos by the Navajo.

Both figures are such paradoxes in themselves that RavenYote makes sense and yet is as much nonsense as the hippogriff legend at the same time.

Again, just brushpen practice started at work. For some reason I wanted to do this pose after thinking of how she inherited the Coyote trait of having his special atomic structure that allows him to regenerate after getting himself into deep crap, as he is apt to do. Just like Wile E. Coyote, any good Toon, and, well, okay, the Doctor if you must. I'm pretty sure she hasn't hurt herself, but doubtless she just did something wonderfully stupid.

(Also, this is sort of colour model for whenever I'd be able to get people to draw her for me. Hee.)
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