The Big Four-Pokemon Edition Picture

I honestly have no idea why I did this. I was just wondering: "I bet Jack Frost would be a good partner for Articuno." while I was playing Pokemon X, then at the thought of a guy with a non-human partner (though Jack isn't exactly human himself), Hiccup came to mind and it made me wonder which Pokemon would go well with him. Then at the thought of the two of them being part of the famous Big Four fandom, well, this ended up happening. Seriously, chain thoughts are scary. (._.)"

Oh well, at least it turned out nicely. I personally liked the backgrounds (their respective homes) and transparent effect I added in. If you haven't noticed I added elemental/seasonal effects for each of their panels. A snow mountain for Jack/Articuno, a flowery effect for Rapunzel/Jirachi, a fiery effect for Merida/Entei, and a green forest for Hiccup/Rayquaza. I have to say it's the best background work I've done so far, though it's only editing work.
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