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The CFA-44 Nosferatu is an advanced delta-wing Estovakian fighter fielded by the Strigon flight lead, Ilya Pasternak. It is a powerful, maneuverable but unstable jet fighter that can use a trio of cutting-edge battle technology; namely the All Direction Multi-purpose Missile pods, the Electromagnetic Launcher (downsized railguns) & an integral ECM system. Apart from it's advanced battle technology & it's main characteristics, no other info concerning the Nosferatu is available. Description

The CFA-44 Nosferatu is a prototype fighter which was in development by the Estovakians. It saw combat when Ilya Pasternak flew it for his final battle over Gracemeria. It uses the aforementioned battle technology, yet the Estovakian Nosferatu is technically defenseless once it's defense mechanisms (namely it's UAVs & ADMM pods) are destroyed.
edit Unlock Methods

* Ace Combat 6: Finish the campaign on Hard difficulty. It'll then be made available for purchase in the Hangar screen.


Main article: UAV-45 Malgebolg

On the day of the battle against Ilya Pasternak, a large number of UAV's (named UAV-45 Malgebolg) were used to help him in the battle. Whenever Pasternak would fly far away at high speed, the player's radar would automatically lock onto a UAV. These UAVs were as small and as numerous as the cruise missiles launched at Gracemeria that same night. In addition, these UAV were extremely fast & nimble, often evading missiles by simply accelerating/performing sharp Immelmann Turns. A single, standard missile was sufficient to eliminate a UAV, and the same applied to cannon fire.

Standard Weapons

* Gun: 2x 30mm GSh-6-30 Gatling Cannon
* Missile: 2x R-60MK (AA-8 Aphid)

Special Weapons

* EML:
* ECMP : Unknown


* Its name is a reference to a Romanian vampire legend. This may be a reference to the "Vampire" squadron folded into Strigon Team. However, the emblem for Strigon itself is related to another mythological figure, the Grim Reaper.
* The CFA-44 is similar in design to the Strigon Team's signature aircraft, the Su-33D Flanker, suggesting that the Nosferatu concept was derivated from the Flanker-D.

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