Benzaiten Picture

Benzaiten is the Japanese name of the goddess Saraswati. Her Sanskrit name means 'flowing water' which represents creativity, purity and nourishment and she is the goddess of everything that flows: water, words, knowledge, speech, eloquence, and music.

It's interesting how religion adapts and changes as it travels. I tried to make the subject and style simultaneously Japanese and Indian~ I don't know if it worked but I felt an affinity with it what with being from a "similar" *cough* mix of cultures (Chinese/Pakistani for those who don't know me) And of course, since I'm living in Japan right now everything has a "Nippon" feel to it 6_6U

White garb - Purity
River - Creation and purification
Lotus flowers - Experience of Absolute Truth
Veena - Perfection of art and science

My entry for the Indian Mythology Contest [link] hosted by ~nidhi-rathish

P.S. Parts of this are embarassing -_-U please ignore the crappy texturing on the veena... I have yet to figure out the whole CGing thing to my satisfaction PX
P.S.2. I really wanna do mendhi now (woot) not as fun when you're living alone tho ):
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